Storm's Fun Fair

Notes and Shits
A record of activity


1-20 Nova
21-40 Mira
41-60 Cass

Kween Station 10

Nar Shadaa 10

Nal Hutta 9

SF Station 7

Corellia 2

Blue Point 8

Faction Strength

Alliance 250

Empire 2150

Zann Consortium 500

Hutt Cartel 750


Battle above Tattooine -50 Alliance
Deathstar Completeion +200 Empire
Battle of Yavin, death of Tarkin -400 Empire, +200 Alliance

Homebrew Rules

Mindtricked a shopkeeper, and destroyed his droids
Discovered the Darktrooper project
Caused Collateral Damage at Kween, twice
Stole a 50K Credit slave
Destroyed 6 TIE Fighters
Space Aids
Owes a Loanshark 2300
Killed everyone in a mechanic’s shop
Hunted by Pizza the Hutt


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